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Annamalice Sissy Self Hypnosis

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#1321 - Dungeons e Fetish - Gangbanged in chastity

From a nice suggestion of my dear friend Jenna..
a beutiful example of how lovely is being a chastitized sissy..
i know.. the most of you don’t know this experience..
well let me tell you that live in chastity is a continuing interior moaning..
feeling every moment feminine sensations.. looking forward for cock..
of course it’s really nice to discover how much drops of precum..
you are able to produce during all the day.. meaning you are a real sissy! :))
well, now try to imagine how delighted is to be fucked in this condition..
also after a long time for you without cum..
I mean.. you should be able to do your best as a whore! ;)

Anna Malice

#1320 - White womans prefer BIG BLACK COCKS.. and you also..

well, for the hypnotic file of tonight I have taken from my past..
past of my beginnings.. in which only the seen of big black cocks.. turned me on..
maybe i was only unknowing.. maybe i was conscious but I negate the evidence..
in truth, i suppose that thinking like a cuckold is a wonderful beginning for every youth sissy ..
because identification in your lovely girlfriend.. it’s typical.. for every envious fag.. in bud..
is it not the real reason because you suppose to love her?!
is it not real you admire her.. dreaming to be as she look like?!
and, most important.. is it not true you were never be able to fuck her as a real man?!
without the right intercourse frequence.. without the right intensity and toughness.. as every woman deserves..
oh no no.. you are not that kind of man.. isn’t it?! you never been..
not aroused for a pair of tits.. or for the possibilty to take a girl on her four..
exclusively turned on from the seen of beautiful movies about blowjobs and fucks with big cocks! ;)) isn’t it?!?
well, if this is your condition.. the good news is that you are not a real cuckold..
the bad news is that you are a fag.. or worst.. an unfucked sissy whore! ;))
anyway i love big black cocks!!!

Anna Malice

#1319 - Shakira Maya III

Shakira Maya (AKA: Shakira Voguel, Shakira Sharayba, Chakira)

a lot of time without her.. and i could say.. too much time!

i forgot her.. and her incredible sensuality!  because blondes are always magic.. ;))

Surfing on line.. i saw a clip of her, forgetting i have already posted before..

as it was a big surprise i felt in love for her amazing beauty..

deciding to find another clip.. with something interesting..

well, this is a sort of ancient fantasy of mine..  

never thought to your open mouth.. when you sit on dentist’s chair?   

of course not.. even if from tomorrow, i’m sure.. as the good sissy you are.. 

on the next occasions.. you will not forget to maliciously think about it.. ;))


<b><i>Anna Malice</i></b> 

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